Ohio Faculty Council logoMeetings of the Ohio Faculty Council are open to the public. Individuals interested in attending a meeting of the Ohio Faculty Council are encouraged to notify one of the officers of their interest in attending so that arrangements can be made for them to have access to the the meetings that are held at 25 S. Front Street, Columbus, OH.

Ohio Faculty Council Mission Statement

The Ohio Faculty Council (OFC) represents the faculty of Ohio's 14 public universities.  It exists to provide a forum for discussion among faculty at member institutions and to advocate for the values of higher education:  the teaching, creation, preservation, and application of knowledge for the good of both individual students and the public.  Because of these values, it is committed to shared governance at universities so that the expertise of faculty may help shape academic priorities and policies at each institution, and endorses the principles of academic freedom and responsibility contained in the 1940 AAUP "Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure." 

The Ohio Faculty Council engages with policy makers and the public to share information about higher education and to partner with the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), elected officials, and others to facilitate knowledgeable decision making on issues related to universities.  By giving Ohio's public university faculty the ability to speak with one voice, the OFC creates opportunities for effective collective action on behalf of Ohio and its citizens.
In addition to its own mission, the OFC joins the Ohio Faculty Senate of Technical and Community Colleges (OFS) in the Faculty Congress of Ohio (FCO) and shares the goals and efforts of that body.

About the Ohio Faculty Council

The Ohio Faculty Council (OFC), recognized by the Chancellor and the Ohio Board of Regents (see Directive 2009-026 and Chancellor Carey Commendation), represents the faculty at all of the four-year public colleges and universities in the State of Ohio.

The OFC maintains a permanent liaison with the Ohio Faculty Senate of Community and Technical Colleges.