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OFC Member Schools & Representatives

Each four-year state university in Ohio is represented by two members of the faculty and one alternate from the faculty. The names of OFC member universities below are linked to their faculty/academic senate website. Current delegates to OFC are listed according to the university they represent.

Ohio Faculty Council officers:


Institution Representative(s)
Bowling Green State University

Allen Rogel, Chair of senate
David Jackson—Elected Rep

Central State University

Kenneth Hayes, Chair
Anthony Milburn
Lubna AbuNiaaj

Cleveland State University

Anup Kumar, President
Andy Slifkin
Tawana M. Jackson

Kent State University

Tracy LauxFaculty Senate Chair
Ed Dauterich  
Darci Kracht                                                                                                  

Miami University

Thomas Poetter, Chair of Senate Executive Committee
Jen Green, Past Chair of Senate Executive Committee
Tracy Haynes, Chair-Elect of Senate Executive Committee

Rosemary Pennington, Faculty At-Large Representative

Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)

Patrick GallegosUniversity Faculty Council Chair
Natalie Bonfine University Faculty Council Vice Chair
George LitmanUniversity Faculty OFC Representtative

The Ohio State University

Scott SchrickerFaculty Council Chair
Caroline ClarkSenate Steering Committee Chair
Sara WatsonFaculty Council Chair-elect

Ohio University

Sarah Wyatt, Chair, Faculty Senate
Todd Eisworth, Vice Chair, Faculty Senate

Shawnee State University

Mariah Woodward, President
Erik Larson, Vice President
Andrew FeightAt-large Senator

The University of Akron

Kate Budd, Senate Chair
Linda Saliga, elected representative 
Stacia Biddle, Past Chair

University of Cincinnati

Dan CarlChair
Greg Loving, Past Chair
Tamika Odum, Vice Chair

The University of Toledo

Terry Bignioni, President
Linda Rouilland, Elected Representative

Wright State University

Brian Boyd, President
Megan Faragher, Vice President
Laura Luehrmann  

Youngstown State University

Martha Pallante, Chair
Chet Cooper 
Mike Ekoniak, Rep

EX-OFFICIO (non-voting members)

Former Chairs of Ohio Faculty Council

Dan Krane, Wrights State University
Ben Givens, Ohio State University
Laura Luehrmann, Wright State University